Durrett Design, Inc. design / development
December 7, 2007

Mr. Michael Durrett
Durrett Design
3325 W. Dempster
Skokie, IL 60076

RE: Completion of substantial rehabilitation to my residence.

Dear Michael:

I write you this day to compliment you for all the things that you are, for all the wonderful things that you did in my life, professionally, and to compliment you on your talent and integrity.

Never having done it, I was faced with the draconian task, along with my wife, of having to rehab our home of the last 40 years that was sadly in need of being brought into the 21st Century. Through a series of bizarre circumstances, due diligence, and speaking with neighbors and other folks that you did work for over the years, I was led to you. You were direct, accurate, reliable, and, with 20/20 hindsight, extraordinarily talented; a person with a vision. You turned our sad home into a residence that my wife and I are proud to live in and truly enjoy all the amenities you incorporated in the rehabilitation. In no small part, your talented wife, darling Gina, was responsible for the interior being as comfortable and attractive as it is, with her wonderful taste in furnishings and fixtures.

Michael, in addition to doing me a wonderful service, at an appropriate price and in a reliable manner, you have become my friend and a person for whom I have the greatest of respect. I would not hesitate for a New York second to recommend you and your firm to anybody that is considering the daunting task of rehabbing a home or other related contractor efforts. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Very truly yours,

Leonard F. Amari

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